Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rainforest Cafe

While visiting my dad, we drove into the city to go to Shedd aquarium and enjoy a late lunch at the rainforest Café. To celebrate K's upcoming birthday, my dad ordered a special chocolate Volcano cake type thing with a sparkler and candle on top. They sang to K and he was so upset! Began crying & ran into my arms. A week later, we were reminiscing about the trip and he said he really likes the rainforest cafe but didn't like having the cake because he just wanted to go back to grandpa's house. I smiled & told him about how he was developing his own traditions with family and that my dad would order him a birthday sundae every year, no matter how much you beg him not to- and that he had done the same thing for me, and now he was doing it for his grandkids.  How cute is that; I love traditions. 

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