Monday, October 12, 2009


Heard: Raspberries & Laughter - O how he loves to blow raspberries! He will entertain himself with the bubbles, which must be a nice change from his love for playing beneath his play-yard. He laughed the other day while I was pushing his knees up to his chest and rocking them, like one would do to help relieve baby gas- but we were just playing. He hasn't laughed again but smiles a lot more... including smiles of recognition upon seeing someone he knows, like Kyle.

Found: Hands & Mouth- Kaden is now grasping things and moving them to his mouth. This mostly means he is continuing to put his hands in his mouth, only now it is clearly intentional. The doctor said this self-soothing is good; the RN at my Le Leche group said it is a sign of high-intelligence. I have been giving him these plastic rings to hold on to, as well as toys designed for yong children- with various textures and fabrics and parts to make noise. He seems to enjoy this new game.

Discovered: Maternal Longing & Diaper Rash Cream- I was at the grocery store the other day while Kyle watched the baby, which is a nice little trip out into the real world without the baby, which is rare. As I stood looking at the frozen veggies, another baby down the aisle began to fuss and cry- and I was struck with emotions of longing to comfort my baby, to see his little face- but also to help this little one. On the flip side, Kaden has been experiencing more diaper irritation, so we've switched diapers and I'm looking into purchasing the reusable diapers I said we were going to use, but never bought. Shame on me.

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