Thursday, February 25, 2010

7.5 Months

Breaking News!!

We're now in the middle of his 7th month and SO much has happened.

Watching a baby grow is like watching a flower bloom; the specimen is lovely from the start, but you know the true magic is still hidden beneath the beautiful layers. we continue to be intrigued as Kaden's personality shows more and more.

  • He is officially CRAWLING!! He has been scooting around and Army-crawling for awhile, but has now figured out how to stay on his knees and crawl. Eek! I have been baby-proofing at home, but will be putting things into gear upon returning home from the farm.
  • Still bubbly and good-natured, Kaden enjoys smiling and laughing. As shown in the pictures below, he has many smiles- including ones with his tongue out, others with dimples showing, some with his entire face all scrunched all with joy. They are all so heart-warming.
  • Kaden has decided that he is petrified by the sound of a nose being blown. I try to ease his concern by showing him the tissue and explaining what is about to happen as I raise it to my nose- but odds are, he'll freak out anyhow. He also reacts to the whir of my blender, but not the food processor or Grandma's blender. I try to dance and sing to show him that the blender is simply shaking up the food- but he still screams until it stops.
  • Our little man loves moving around in his walker and especially enjoys scooting around in the bare floor kitchen. He also loves bouncing in his exersaucer.

On the dirty side of life...
  • He seems to be having fun peeing on us when we change him. Twice yesterday, he went #1 immediately after we opened his diaper. Fortunately, there was a diaper-wipe covering the stream so it didn't spray onto us but instead, leaked all over the diaper changing pad and clean diaper.
  • Today, I wasted a couple of diapers while preemptively changing a poopy diaper. This has happened only once before and is a strange, strange event to experience. There you are, wipe-wiping away and all of a sudden.... not done!!!!
I saved the best for last...
  • Yesterday, while his grandparents were watching him, Kaden fell asleep in the high chair while Grandma was feeding him. Mid bite, he just closed his groggy little eyes and his chin hit his chest in full-slumber.


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