Thursday, September 17, 2009

8-weeks of Fun

How time flies! Kaden is now 8-weeks old and getting bigger every day! We are so blessed.

So Big! He now weighs over 12.5 lb., meaning he has doubled his birth weight (which was 6lbs.13oz). This is something that the books say will take 6 months!! Regardless, he is eating well and growing and thriving.

New Digs! He has moved up to size 2 diapers and can no longer fit in most of his 0-3 month clothes! Kaden is also getting too big for the bassinet, so we will be starting to use the Pack-&-Play for sleeping. I'm starting to put him in his crib for daytime naps, but we keep his bassinet (and soon to be Pack-&-Play) next to our bed at night. He doesn't wake at night and still sleeps until 6:30am, but I like having him close. I rarely have him in our bed, except for about 3 separate occasions when he wouldn't sleep and we nursed in the bed, and both fell asleep.

Say Cheese! The newest milestone is his ability to smile. When he wakes up at 9:30am, he is ALL smiles, which is especially charming because he has his Daddy's dimples. So after the morning smile-fest, he smiles some throughout the day but seems to save them for when Kyle comes home and they play.

I'm Flying! Kaden's favorite things to do are when Kyle holds him way up in the air as they play 'airplane' and when Kyle holds him upright so he is standing, sometimes even 'jumping' as Kyle bounces him. For awhile now, he hardly needs any support to stand up, which is exciting and scary because its a preview of bigger things to come! He loves to lay on his Baby Einstein playmat
, beneath the dangling toys, watching the flashing lights.

Can You Hear Me Now? He is also making more sounds, trying to talk and just having fun. He talks the most when he is able so kick around and move, so it's like he's telling us how much fun he's having!


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