Sunday, August 09, 2009

Grace - 1st Birthday Party & A/C

This story begins on the hottest day of the year... the thermometers climbed past 95-degrees and the humidity was in full-force, (at least for Ohio). Of course, this is the day that our air conditioning (A/C) decides to quit working. The house quickly got hotter and hotter, but we had plans- so an immediate fix was not needed.

Instead of our typical lazy-Sunday, spent in the cool house, playing with the baby and hanging out - we drove to my Mum's house for lunch, then went to celebrate the 1st birthday of my dear-dear friend Sara's little girl, Grace. The festivities were held outside; which was nice because the yard looked great and it was a lovely summer day - except for the part about it being crazy hot and humid. Fortunately, there was a redeeming breeze for most of the party and I had the perfect excuse to go inside to cool down with the baby... who slept the entire time, of course.

Grace was truly the belle of the ball.... she was gracefully passed through the crowds and enjoyed watching her presents being opened. When presented with a "smash cake", designed for young children to literally smash up for the perfect picture, she poked and prodded but definitely did not "smash". A true little lady!

After the party, we stopped at my Daddy's house to say hello and pick up some tools for the A/C. When we got home, I played with Kaden and reassured myself that he would be fine despite the heat because people have been having babies without air conditioners for thousands of years, and all those babies were fine! In the meantime, Kyle fixed the A/C!

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