Monday, August 17, 2009

4 Weeks - Kaden's 1st Trip to the Farm

We took Kaden down to Kyle's parents' farm this past weekend. It was so nice to see the family and enjoy the scenery. It was also good for us to allow Kaden to be comforted by someone other than Kyle and me. While we were there, Kaden loved having a pacifier, which he hasn't really wanted before. We have been trying not to make it a big habit but not offering it frequently; however, when the choice is between having the baby sucking on his hand and sucking on a pacifier, I think it will be easier to eventually get rid of the pacifier than cure him of his hand-addiction. Right? He also discovered his screaming voice, which is good I guess because he is becoming more vocal? But you can imagine where that will be taking us.

 I always enjoy the change of pace because it is so lovely and quiet... I'm such a city girl so it's nice to see the country life. Now that I'm no longer pregnant, I got to ride on the 4-wheeler!! So much fun. We also brought home veggies from the gardens, including onions, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and corn. We also got a cantaloupe, and enjoyed TONS of blackberries, but sadly a frost killed the apple tree buds, so no apples!

<--- Teder, or something? it looks like a monster; I love it

<--- Kendra & me with one of the 5 kitties

<--- baby cow!!

<--- no clue

<--- tractors

<--- Barn with berries, baler for hay

<--- Kendra at work ;)

<--- this is broccoli

<--- a barn with berries & a garden

<--- Apple trees, minus apples

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