Monday, November 16, 2009

17-Weeks, 4-Month Immunizations

Hi loves. So I've been busy loving life and playing with our little man, Kaden. He is getting SO big and is developing into such a sweet, adventurous guy! Today, he is 17-weeks old and went to the Doc for his 4-month immunizations.

So Big! At 27" and 16 lbs, Kaden is taller than 95% of boys his age and heavier than 75%. His little legs are so long that we're having a tough time fitting into pants, as the 3-month are too small and most 6-month are too big... but we're making due with the Carter line of 6-month, as they aren't as ginormous.

So Happy! Kaden still loves to be held in a "standing" position and is happy to be bouncing in his Jumparoo. However, he doesn't like it for too long- I think it hurts him. He is still greatly amused by laying under his Play-yard, although the fun seems to be wearing thin. He enjoys playing with his stuffed toys and such.

My Hands & Feet! His newest discovery are his hands and feet. He enjoys watching his hands move- you can see that he is learning not only that they are attached to him, but that he controls them as well. When he isn't watching them, they're likely in his mouth or grabbing his feet!

Laughter! Kaden is smiling more frequently and has been laughing for just over a month. He is happiest in the morning, which means waking up to smiles and giggles. He doesn't do much spontaneous laughing, but seems to laugh in response to physical things like bouncing and being rocked side-to-side while laying down.

Raspberries & Squealing! He is learning to make new sounds, but still enjoys his standby favorite of blowing bubbles or "raspberries". Recently, he has taken to making a high-pitch squeal for fun.

That's my name! I'm reading a book called "Born Talking" that basically explains that babies are in fact talking- we just aren't listening. So I have my ears tuned to hear him speak and have been trying to teach him useful words. Most mothers will tell you that their baby said "Mama" long before they were officially "talking"- but isn't that talking? Kaden says "Mama" only when I'm not there and he wants to be picked up by me, or passed from someone else to me. He also seems to let me know he is hungry by saying something that sounds like, "Gooma". I am encouraging this by using that word before nursing by asking him if that's what he wants and feeding him when he says it.

Frog legs! We don't have a word established for a clean diaper yet, but he knows that if he pulls his knees up to his chest, (which is the position he assumes when I begin to change his diaper), I will take notice and change his diaper. (The screams help, too.)

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