Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Day 3 - Return Home

Our last day at the hospital was another busy day of paperwork and decisions. We attended a refresher class on Baby Basics, which was taught by our Lamaze Doula, who was pleased to hear we delivered naturally. We took Kaden, who was asleep in his bassinet. He slept through the entire class and didn't wake up until we were ready to nurse before going home. =) He's such a good little baby.

A student-nurse wheeled me and the baby out to the car, while Kyle pushed a cart of our belongings. I teared up during the trip out, as we passed incubators and other baby-life-support-machines... I was so grateful for a healthy baby and so sad for the babies that needed those machines. When we got into my new car to begin our life as parents, I began to cry tears of joy and surprise that I could have ever done anything to deserve something this wonderful. (I'm even crying as I write this.)

We brought the baby inside and were surprised at how natural it felt to be home.
Life is good.

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