Friday, May 08, 2009

Natural Childbirth

I have always been rather stoic and prefer to avoid taking all medications if possible, so having a natural and unmedicated childbirth has been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember. I figure that I have 9 months to prepare for the Big Day and will have time to get physically and mentally ready to give it my all.   

Yesterday was our first of two Lamaze classes. I had originally wanted to get involved in a 12-week program to learn the Bradley method of childbirth - but this was not an option for us based on the start of classes and time conflicts. (The expensive classes started while I was unsure if Placenta Previa would prevent me from having a "natural" childbirth and once/week for 12-weeks is quite a commitment for 2 people, one that would limit the amount of time Kyle could travel for work).  I wanted to take the longer 6-week Lamaze sessions, but they were full by the time I registered - so shame on me for waiting.  That said - the classes will be an introduction and the rest is up to me, which is probably a good thing for me to spend my time on because I am seriously rotting my brain watching Tivo'ed episodes of Sex & the City and Bones. 

So we took our two pillows and a blanket to the class and were joined by 10 others couples as we listened to a very sweet Doula teach us about childbirth phases while showing us exercises to prepare for labor, deal with contractions and help position the baby.  She focused on guiding the Birthing Coaches, (in my case, Kyle), as to how to help the mothers relax and get ready. 

One exercise I especially enjoyed involved the women laying on our sides on the ground, complete with one pillow under our heads, the other between our knees, as our partners helped us relax by caressing each section of our body as we inhaled/exhaled deeply. There was none of the stereotypical ooo-eee breathing, just deep breaths and the relaxing touch of Kyle.  As fulfilling as it can be to cuddle or get a massage, this feeling transcended all the spooning one can imagine.  There was a loving, caring feeling of this that melted my heart, made me feel safe and let me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

This is fun.

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