Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baths, Binkys and Bedtime

Kaden is still not sure how he feels about baths. He tolerates them but doesn't seem to enjoy them. I have been doing the baths in the late morning, during 2-hour playtime, but am switching to nights in hope of developing a more routine bedtime process. He has been fussy at night and harder to put down. He is still unsure about the pacifier and isn't interested in it during the day or most of the time, although he is more willing to take the green "soothie" pacifier at night. It falls out most of the time, which can be a pain to keep putting it back in, but he seems to like when we keep our finger in the pacifier because of the pressure it creates. Yesterday, he was GNAWING on it with my finger inside and loving it.

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