Sunday, March 07, 2010

First Word!

I used an online program to calculate the weeks Kaden has been alive... today is 32 weeks, 5 days-  so if you consider a month is 4 weeks, he is officially 8+ months, but if you consider a month as 30-days, he is 11 days away. What do you think? Which is correct?

More importantly... Kaden spoke his first actual word! Kyle and I were sitting with my Mum at her house, when Kaden just said "Mama". We all froze and looked at each other to confirm... it was most likely just scattered syllables, but it was awesome to hear and we all consider it his first word.

Sweet little boy... Kaden was playing with a bottle of water and when he had successfully picked it up, he would blow raspberries. When he set it down, he would stop making noise. Also sweet like sugar... we went into Kyle's work and everyone gushed about his big, red, puffy cheeks and long eyelashes. It seems like the redness comes and goes, but never really leaves. It's the Hungarian in him; he fits right in with my Mom's side. The lashes are like Kyle's, although his eyes are dark like mine.

The past week away at the farm meant crazy-sleeping patterns and less restful nights for everyone. Since we've been back, Kaden has been waking twice throughout the night to nurse. (I put him down at 8pm, he wakes at 11pm, then again at 3am.) The good thing is that he quickly falls back asleep, but it's been rough waking up when I'm not used to it. I have experimenting with giving him rice cereal before bed to see if that helps him stay asleep longer, but haven't reached a conclusion just yet. Some nights are fine, others are not.

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