Thursday, August 27, 2009

Exploding Mirrors

Kyle & I were both awoken last evening by the sound of glass shattering. We groggily looked at each other, he said he would investigate. While he was looking, I brainstormed what could have broken... wondering if perhaps I forget to turn off the seldom-used coffee machine? He thought it might have been a broken window? Turns out a full-length mirror fell off of the over-the-door hooks and shattered all over my bathroom floor. 7 years bad luck? No chance. Things just seem to explode here.

Yesterday, I took the baby for a walk in the park. It was so nice to get outside and enjoy the weather. Kaden slept the entire time - of course. Later that night, Jessica came over to visit and was welcomed by a little man who was a bit out of sorts. I served purple and orange bell peppers with hummus... who's ever heard of this purple bell pepper? It was interesting and the color was fun, but I still prefer the taste of the red or orange peppers.

Today, Kaden had no interest in taking a nap and woke up every time I set him down. The third time this happened, he awoke in a state of scream, so I packed him in his little car seat and drove around until he fell asleep. The drive was picturesque because of the plentiful greenery, but nothing too exciting. We stopped at the store so I could grab a few things, which would have been anti-climatic if I had left while he was awake but still content, but instead I went for one more thing- which upset Kaden and re-started the screaming. He hollered at the top of his little tiny lungs until we left. For the first time, I was officially the woman at the store with the screaming baby. Many looks of empathy were sent my way, which I returned with meek glances as I shuffled out of the store. I prolonged the drive home to enjoy the moments of quiet while he slept and returned home with a screaming baby, ready to eat. Fortunately, this put him to sleep just as Kyle was arriving home, providing me with the evening to cook, clean the kitchen and do laundry. I sauteed an onion and 2 zucchini in a spicy-asian sauce, then added the remaining purple and orange bell peppers and some peas. It was served with a mixture of long grain and brown rice and topped with low-sodium soy sauce. It was quite tasty.

Tomorrow is Friday =)

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