Thursday, August 15, 2013


At the Zoo, kaden did more than half of the monkey bars all by himself. We watched from like 10 feet away and marveled. He fell, I ran to him & he was sad he couldn't finish. I helped him do it again. They had a cool Dinosaur exhibit that he enjoyed, but I think his fav part was spending time with his best bud, (CT), digging in the sand looking for Dino bones and climbing on the spiderweb jungle gym. 

Carson's 7 tooth is piercing, but he continues to be the happiest baby ever. Other than crying to signal that he was awake & out of his crib, He did not cry one single time yesterday. He's just so happy. He recently starting to enjoy a pacifier, which is funny because he never wanted one when he was little and all of a sudden, saw other babies have them at the gym, tried to take theirs and now enjoys having one of his own. I treat it like a toy or special treat, sometimes giving it to him when I put him into his car seat or when he's done eating, still in his high chair. 

His big brother loves him so much and enjoys pushing the stroller around. They are clearly brothers, as they look alike, and enjoy hanging out with each other. I hope it lasts.

K is enjoying reading & doing math. He still loves numbers & math, enjoys Spanish & now is working on playing the piano. 

We are so very blessed. 

K Went to his first professional football game with his dad. They had awesome seats and really enjoyed it. He ate bratwurst for dinner and tells a funny story about how he tried to large piece of garlic and didn't like it because it was too spicy. He says he spit it out and even makes a face. Ha ha. At the end of the night, he was glowing &  his favorite part was watching the football. 

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    Love the new stuff. Great way to see the family. Thanks for sharing.