Saturday, August 08, 2009


Oh my little baby is growing up!!!

Yesterday, I opened my breast pump, sanitized the parts and successfully learned to use it. At dinner time tonight, I warmed up a bottle as I finished prepping enchiladas for dinner and Kyle fed Kaden his very first bottle. This was nice for many reasons, but moved me to tears because it was the first time that my baby was unhappy and I was not the solution. I know that it's good in the long run and part of me was happy that Daddy was able to feed the baby, but it was tough to watch. Tomorrow we are going to a friend's 1st birthday party and I know I will have to share the baby all day... this will be tough because I entertain, feed and cuddle with Kaden all day until Kyle comes home and plays with the baby... but it's tough to share something so precious that is usually all mine.

Ok, the boys are done eating and the baby's diaper needs changed... back into action I go!!

UPDATE: After the diaper change, the baby wanted to eat so I was able to nurse, which made me feel needed. Later, I left the boys and ran to Babies R Us for 45 minutes - the duration of which Kaden spent crying for poor Kyle.

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