Friday, February 05, 2010

Army Crawl.

He truly is a sweet baby that enjoys laughing. Now that he is trying to be more mobile and seems to be climbing around more, it's interesting to see that he is most interested in being with me, while touching me. If I am sitting with him while he plays with his fav little blue basket of toys, he is most likely to lose interest in his toys and want only to touch me, climb on my legs. It's quite endearing; truly heart-warming.

He is eager to eat all of the baby food I have been making, but finally starting to show preferences. I have been mixing his avocado with banana to sweeten it up and he seems to love pears and apples, which I make with a little more liquid to counter-act the textures of some other foods, like sweet potato and oatmeal. Today, I introduced butternut squash, which was met with the 1st unfavorable reaction. He ate the squash, but when I first put it into his mouth, he just let it sit there. When he finally swallowed it, he definitely winced. He prefers it on a spoon with apples, but I don't want to get in the habit of coating his veggies in sugar/fruit.

I have been Suzy-Homemaker... cleaning and vacuuming... folding laundry while dancing to assorted music from DirectTV's music channels while the baby bounces in his exer-saucer... making scrumptious dinners and developing new recipes.

Kaden and I have been dealing with runny noses, which has led to the discovery of Kaden's biggest fear: the sound a a nose being blown. It's hilarious how much it freaks him out. If I sit in front of him, show him the tissue and explain what's about to happen, he might not begin crying and screaming- but since he might, I leave the room.

Last week, I had a memorable day with diapers that I would like to call "the day he just wasn't done". I began to change his poopy diaper only to discover that he was still busy soiling the diaper. I finished changing him into the 1st clean diaper and set him down to finish his business. Ten minutes later, I picked him up to put him in a clean diaper- the same thing happened, I put him in diaper #2. I set him down again, waited ten more minutes, then picked him up and successfully got him into a clean diaper... three tries later.

He is getting more & more mobile, currently moving around in "the army crawl". Soon, he will be on his hands and knees, truly crawling. Scary, but exciting!

We're having another major snow storm, which is lovely but keeps us inside instead of at the library and such.
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