Tuesday, December 01, 2009

First Thanksgiving(s)

Oh Kaden... you sweet little thing. How you keep us amused!

We celebrated Thanksgiving day at my Aunt/Uncle's house, which was a good time for all. It was nice to see my cousin, Rebecca, feed the baby 8 oz. of milk I took with us, and happily hold him while he filled his diaper when he finished. (He still makes loud poops that fill, and often overflow, his diaper). Great-Grandma, "Nanny", enjoyed caring for him while we ate. He blew raspberries all over my Uncle Tom and peed on Grandma Sandy while she was changing his diaper and trying to properly button his sleeper.

The next day, we packed our stuff and drove the Kyle's parents. This average sounding task became humourous as we began the final steps before leaving. I started a load of laundry with clothes that Kaden had just dirtyed with his exploding diaper and put the diapered baby in his crib while I got a clean outfit ready. No sooner had I set him down than I heard the trademark sound of a diaper being filled... and overflowing. The mess leaked onto his sheet, which had to be removed and washed. *sigh* oh, Kaden.

We had a nice time at Kyle's parents house. Highlight of the trip was playing with the cousins; Christopher was playing with him while laying on the floor and got him to roll-over!! We weren't positive that Kaden had done this by himself until Aunt Audra and Kendra got him to roll-over again! This is right on track for his developmental time line and is very exciting but kinda scary because he is now mobile! He is still rolling over and even starting to like spending time on his tummy because he can hold up his body and look around. When he gets tired of it, he makes this unhappy moan/cry that is unlike any other sound he makes.

He also figured out that his feet can go inside his mouth, which I am encouraging to give his hands (and gag reflex) and break. Grandma Edie and Grandpa Art watched the baby while Kyle and I went to his 10-year high school reunion, which was a very nice time. I got along well with everyone I met and got some new Facebook friends! Kaden kept them awake until 1am, playing and laughing. Silly baby!

I'm enjoying every minute of life... I am still nursing 100% and it is so beautiful. He gazes up at me with such loving, trusting eyes; I know I bring him nourishment and joy. It's such an amazing connection.

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