Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Official!

Kyle surprised me Thursday night...

It all began when I arrived home after running out to the store to get some last minute things for our weekend trip to a family holiday party. Kyle was in the nursery with crying Kaden. I noticed that he had straightened up the house, but immediately went into Mom-mode, quickly setting down the shopping bags and removing my coat as I made my way to the nursery. I asked all of the probing questions, (has he been crying the entire time? is he ok? etc). Kyle said he has been crying some and just peed on the nursery wall while he was trying to change the diaper. I chuckled and took the baby into my arms, which soothed the crying.

We wandered into the other room, where I noticed a dozen red roses by the glowing Christmas tree and roaring firplace. I said, sweetly, "When did you get roses?" To which Kyle replied, "There's a gift, too."

Upon closer inspection, the table was decorated with not only roses, but also some vases I had filled with glass ornaments, candles and a gold little box with bow.

While holding the baby, I picked up the box and said, "Really?" Kyle took me in his arms, told me that he loved me, said something sweet, then ended with something wonderful about growing old together. I opened the wrapping paper to reveal the quintessential black, velvet box.

I handed him the box, he took a bended knee and asked, very formally, for my hand in marriage.
As he slid the ring onto my finger, I responded, coyly, "Of course."

So in the twinkle of a casual Thurday night, Kyle surprised me with a beautiful, 2-carat diamond ring. This officially goes down as the best Christmas present ever.

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  1. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Adorable! congratulations! so happy for you!