Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Carson is so sweet.  Bedtime last night, after his nighttime feeding, I cuddled him and he nuzzled into my neck-nook, then I quietly laid him down on his tummy with his legs curled up under him and he was so content while I rubbed his back. It was this moment of quiet serenity. He sat up when I stopped, cried briefly to show his displeasure, then curled up and went to sleep. It was so innocent and soft and just lovely. C is much more vocal than K was; he enjoys just babbling, says Mama and Dada. He also likes to 'sing' and just says "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" on repeat. He is crawling, pulls to a stand and can take steps when supported. He's starting to cruise around on furniture. He enjoys eating, but doesn't like baby food unless it is in a pouch. Although the pouch food is kinda pricey and wasteful packaging, they have lots of fun varieties and C really likes them. 

Kaden is mister smarty pants and talks non-stop, asking questions and reading signs and license plates and everything around. His favorite colors are "red & orange & black & white". Fav shows are Team Umizoomi and Curious George. We still watch Disney Jr. and PBS. He loves numbers and knows how many months old he is, (47). He likes to know how far away things are in minutes and often asks what speed we are driving.  

Both boys love going to the pool. C likes to splash around and seems very comfortable in the water. K is getting more comfortable having his eyes get wet and even jumps into the water by himself. He's take a few rounds of swim classes and can actually put his entire rad under water, although he doesn't like to do it. 

We're en route to Indiana & are seeing all sorts of things we don't want to see! Detours to turnpike, construction, flash flood warnings, severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning and deer! We've only been on road for 30 minutes. 

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