Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Day 10 - Second Doctor Appointment

We went to the pediatrician today, who was again amazed at how well Kaden is eating. For those keeping track, here's the history:
  • 6 lb. 13 oz. - birth, Tuesday the 21st
  • 6 lb. 5 oz. - discharge from hospital, Thursday the 23rd
  • 6lb. 11 oz. - 1st pediatrician check up, Friday the 24th
  • 7 lb. 8 oz. - 2nd pediatrician check-up, Friday the 31st
The doctor also informed us that since he is doing so well at gaining weight, we don't need to wake him for meals! This is great because I have been diligently waking him approx. every 3 hours to nurse... and he sure does like to sleep, so this takes much energy! Kaden is now making the most of our nursing sessions by getting a full meal on both sides, meaning I am super exhausted, but such is life. There is something so wonderful about the time we spend nursing, but secretly I'm looking forward to pumping for supplemental bottles of 100% mommy-milk, which should allow others to feed him and reduce the stress on me. I feel awful saying that, especially since there are times when I don't ever want it to end... I love the bonding and know it won't last forever, but there are nights at 11pm or 2am or perhaps at the 5am feeding, when my milk is lower in supply and my body is exhausted and my mind is tired... that I just want to sleep, instead of wake the baby, change his diaper and nurse. I'm so lucky that he is a good sleeper and a good eater. The doctor even commented on what a well-behaved baby he is! We are truly blessed.

To end things on a lighter note... when we were at the doctor, we stripped the baby down to his diaper to be weighed, only to find a dirty diaper, which was promptly changed. The doctor examined the baby, including removing his diaper to check the goods. He was obliging and didn't fuss. No sooner had the doctor put the diaper back on, than Kaden released a loud burst of baby poop! We all chuckled and commented about the good timing, to which Kaden replied with another burst of baby poop. It was oddly charming and humorous. =)

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