Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Kaden is 18-weeks and so much has happened!

  • He now can cry actual tears on the rare occasion he cries.
  • He not only found his hands and feet, but loves to hold onto his toes! They haven't found their way into his mouth just yet, as his fingers are enjoying their time inside his mouth still.
  • Speaking of mouths... he will still suck on his Soothie pacifier at times, although he seems to prefer his hand/thumb. He can now take the pacifier out of his mouth and sometimes even put it back in!
  • He has been rolling over to his side from his back, but not all the way over... yet.
  • He doesn't really enjoy hanging out on his tummy, but when he does, he is actively trying to move around!
He is still sweet as can be and enjoys new settings. He is happily held by anyone and has been more vocal, more frequently. Grandma Sandy and Great-Grandma, (Nanny), watched him over the weekend and enjoyed singing songs of "La-la-la" with him. Nanny is great at getting him to quiet down and relaxed when she holds him close and lets him suck his pacifier while she gently rocks him. He seems to really enjoy this.

We celebrated the first of our 3 Thanksgivings this past Sunday at my Mum, (Noma's), house. The entire Snyder crew was there, which was fun for all. Kaden and Carter enjoyed looking at each other, and Carter gave him a kiss! Khaya really enjoys holding him.

Tonight, Noma is watching Kaden while Kyle and I go to Jessica's for a small cocktail party. Should be fun!


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