Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bottle - Day 1

Carson & I are both so proud of ourselves today for successfully emptying 2 oz. of baby milk from a bottle!!

Granted, much of it went on his shirt, but he sat in a few different baby chairs and drank from the bottle! He wouldn't do it while he was hungry, so I waited a few minutes to nurse him, then tried again in like 20 minutes and he was interested in the bottle! He didn't do much sucking to start, so I gently blew in his face to get him to swallow, (this will also stop a baby from screaming), and the started to enjoy the process. I took the bottle upstairs while I was getting him ready for a bath but he saw it on the counter and started to make the eating/sucking face with his little mouth and he had even more milk! He turns 4 months on Thursday, so I'm hoping to start him on homemade solid food on Friday, (pending Dr. approval), and optimistically looking forward to having him drink baby milk from a bottle!! Aside from a few bottles during the first few months, Kaden would never take a bottle and I wasn't as creative as I am now feeling, so we were limited on what we could do for the first year. Carson has had a few bottles from the grandmothers in his life, but we have had limited success otherwise.

Tonight, he drank from a Nuby Orthodontic bottle designed for 0-3 months. According to babycenter:
  • Orthodontic nipples, designed to accommodate your child's palate and gums, have a bulb that's flat on the side that rests on your child's tongue.
I used it upside down for awhile and he seemed to swallow more once I realized that.

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