Monday, January 07, 2013

January 2013

Oh life has been so very busy, but so wonderful. Holidays were amazing... Super busy but loved seeing everyone and enjoyed shopping.

Little Carson is sweet as can be! His eyes are still unsure what color they want to be, even though they are likely to be brown. He has perfectly smooth skin but has developed cradle cap, which Kaden never got. His cheeks don't seem to be as sensitive as K's were, (they would turn pink/blush if we were out and his cheeks would rub on a new surface/fabric), but we'll see. He is a good sleeper & pretty consistent with naps. Usually he takes 3 naps and wakes once or twice throughout the night to nurse. Doc says he's old enough to sleep through night, (12 hours), but he usually goes about 8 or 9, and I don't mind. He falls right back to sleep.

He is a good-natured baby who loves to be held. He doesn't like the baby swing and is still too little for excersaucer, but doesn't mind the purple chair my MIL got that kaden liked. I'm looking into getting a Johnny jump-up and seeing if I can find anything else that he likes as he's too big for the sleep & play chair!

Even though he is very happy & good natured, he seems like he had a little temper! I let him cry for about 25 minutes before bed and he was devastated! I don't remember if it was that way with k, but I was so sad to see my little baby so sad/mad!!

He is 14 weeks, so about 2 weeks until I can start giving him solid foods. I waited a full 6 months with K and I don't think it helped because he was ready to eat and it exhausted me from nursing so often. (Neither of the boys would drink from a bottle, although I still have hope with Carson, even if its a sippy cup!) i'm looking forward toI making baby foods again and even got a new Ninja to use! Apparently, the new trend in baby feeding is food served via a pouch. Imagine a Capri Sun pouch filled with smushy baby food that is dispensed through something like a toothpaste tube nozzle. The food can be squirted onto a spoon or into baby's mouth. (Or at least that's how I think it works). But they sell reusable pouches that I can fill with my own food and I'm excited!

Kaden is back in preschool after a long winter break. The routine is good for everyone; the break helps me be a better mom. He is still very tall and quite smart. His half birthday is coming up, too! His fab book is "no carrots for Harry", his fab shows are: Daniel Tiger's neighborhood and Sponge Bob. He also like Bubble Guppies, Phineas & Ferb, Dora and Curious George. Even though he hasn't wanted to watch movies lately, his faves are: Pixar's Short Stories, Up, Meet the Robinson's, curious George's Christmas movie and a little Elmo. We recently watched Bolt and he seemed ok with it, but he's not really into tv or movies except Daniel Tiger. His fav food is macamoni & cheese!!! He is a good eater and likes most things, including onions, butter, mushrooms, most veggies including corn, peas, carrots, green beans & broccoli. He loves fruit and candy! He likes to eat Reese's Pieces with his daddy, but he says that gummies are his favorite.

They are both so wonderful. Life is so good.

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