Saturday, January 19, 2013

January 2013

So I'm updating my blog using the voice feature of Siri on my new iPhone five.

Carson just went for his four-month checkup and did great. He got two shots, one in each leg. He's been okay since then, although I have give. him some medicine. I've also begun giving him solid baby food. I'm once again making my own, and he has enjoyed it so far. I started with apples instead of avocados and he Seems to enjoy it. Pretty soon, I'm going to figure out how to get him to sleep through the whole night every night. But not right now, he just had shots.

Kaden is almost 3 1/2 and seems to be getting bigger every day. He usually likes school although he really really likes to stay at home and sometimes asks to just stay at home instead of going to school. But he still loves his teacher and his Favorite friend at school is still Lila, and only Lila.

He is finally over Dora and enjoys new shows. Currently, he likes to watch:
Daniel Tiger
team Umizoomi
Curious George
Bubble guppies
Max & ruby

To no one surprise, Kaden really enjoys playing on Kyle's iPad, the Internet and iPhones. He loves angry birds and likes lots of other little kid games, and even some grown-up games, too. He likes to start his morning off with a blueberry flavored vitamin C drops, (You know, Like a cough drop), and Is all about the angry bird Band-Aids he recently got.

I've been busy decorating the home. I'm finally hanging things on the walls and even hung curtains in Carsons room. They look super duper cute. I've also been very busy taking pictures of the kids to hang in the house. They're so stinking cute.

I'm very grateful for my friends and family.

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