Monday, March 15, 2010


So today is my birthday and, as always, I am finding myself very introspective and giving myself an annual review. Compounding the situation, I was given some transparency to my lifestyle after having the playgroup ladies over this week- and was left with some things to continue and others to fix.

♥ Things to Love ♥
  • Cooking healthy and unprocessed foods
    • I love to cook and find great joy in throwing together a wonderful meal for my little family. I make a lot of asian inspired dishes but have gotten away from using anything boxed and even strive to make my own sauces to reduce the sodium and additives.
  • Making baby food
    • One of my prized possessions is a beautiful Kitchenaid food processor and I am so pleased to be using it to prepare organic, natural food for the little man. I recently found myself in possession of many jars of baby food and was very tempted to use them, but have been staying strong and doing it myself. 
  • Pictures!
    • We haven't been taking as many pictures lately, but we have beautiful memories captured of our early days with the little man. We also have some video, (see note below)
☹  Things to Fix 
  • Daydreaming in my head, not on paper
    • I love staying home and keep saying I'm going to use the time to write- and all I've done is write this blog, which has earned me $68 from people clicking on the links and such- but that isn't any substantial amount of money. I should be looking for ways to get paid to write- either through my journalism education, blogging hobby or passion for children's literature. 
  • Maintaining a cleaner home
    • So I've decided I want to switch to completely natural cleaners and stop being so lazy.
  • Posting videos and new pics
    • We finally got things in order so we can upload the videocamera to the Mac... so I will hopefully be getting some video posted, once I figure out iMovie. I also want to be better about posting new pics (and maybe words!) for the people that are visiting the blog everyday.

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