Tuesday, March 30, 2010

8 is Great!

 Kaden is officially 8-months and life is more fun everyday!

He pulls himself up to stand and is now cruising along furniture. You can tell how much he wants to walk.

He still blows raspberries and makes all sorts of random noises, but only says one thing, "MaMaMa..." He has also been mimicking a sound Kyle makes that involves opening-&-closing the mouth quickly while allowing the lips to make an empty-sounding echo.

I love to cook and Kaden enjoys watching things on the stove. He still enjoys eating and loves to eat Puffs. He can pick them up and enjoys chewing them, like a real boy!

He won't take a bottle, even if it's filled with breast milk. I bought some sippy cups that I'm going to try out as an alternative to a bottle, as I'm ready for a break here & there.

We stopped by to visit Kyle at work and Kaden was freaked out by the elevator. I don't know if it was the white-noise sound or what- but it caused him to react by putting on his sad face and burrowing his face in my shoulder.

I'm so filled with sunshine-love that I don't have time to write in here... sorry but I will work on writing and video. xoxoxo


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  1. Beautiful Boy he is! Esp when showing off with mom and dad. :) SO HANDSOME!!