Thursday, April 08, 2010


Little kids sure know how to make someone feel loved! When someone new enters a room, Kaden will fast-crawl over to them and pull himself into a stand using their pants- then expect to be picked up. Once he is in your arms, he will throw them around your neck to be held higher and closer. It's instant warm/fuzzies for the recipient.

After another 2 teeth broke through on the top, he now has 6 teeth and doesn't seem to mind teething at all! (knock-on-wood)  Kaden still loves buzzzzzing his little lips together and frequently sQueeeels with delight! He has been saying Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma but nothing else yet.

Now that he can cruise around on furniture, he is rarely sitting! He loves to stand and look in toy boxes or move around the room. He still enjoys light fixtures, which has led to him grabbing onto tall lamps that are easily knocked over- so I am doing my best to teach him the meaning of "no" and frequently find myself saying, "Kaden Andrew - NO" while explaining the dangers of whatever it is that he is doing.

While we are at Kyle's parents house, he has ample room to move around in a walker- which he enjoys so much. However, we set up a road block because he loves to sneak back to Grandpa's office, where he seems to be captivated by the geometric-mosaic-style carpet, even though he can't yet move the walker on to the carpet.

Like his Mom, Kaden enjoys playing the piano. Whether he is standing on his tip-toes pressing on the keys or sitting on my lap, he likes to play notes and listen to me play. He is very intrigued by the sounds and smells coming from my kitchen, so keeping him occupied in a high chair is not too difficult.

Like his Dad, he loves to be outside. He puts his face into the wind and just smiles. Still new to his wandering hands and toes, the grass is a world of texture and potential flavors. When Jake, the farm dog, sniffs Kaden's toes, he is all giggles and wants to pet his dirty black fur. He seems so at home on this farm, but the city lights are calling us home.

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