Tuesday, July 07, 2009

9 Days 'til D-Day - Birthdays and Swimming

Kyle went down to his parent's house today to celebrate the birthdays of his Mom and nephew, Kobe; he will meet with clients/prospects tomorrow. I am staying out at my Mum's house to avoid being home alone this close to my due date.

While out in my hometown, I went to my Daddy's to hang out, swim and have dinner. It was nice to see everyone, being in the pool is relaxing. I don't notice a change in Ace's behavior or movement... I'm unsure if the gravity and bouyancy in my uterus is affected by additional displacement in water? I doubt there are many studies on this strange topic. =)

Tomorrow, Mum and I are going to look at cars for me and possibly her, too. I'm currently just trying to figure out what types of cars I like so Kyle and I will have somewhere to start. I'm looking forward to returning home and seeing Kyle... my sleep schedule is even worse when not at home with my love- Ace & I miss Daddy.

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