Wednesday, July 08, 2009

8 Days 'til D-Day - Gliders and Cars

Well... sleeping alone wasn't very successful, but I re-read the first half of the 6th Harry Potter book, (Half-Blood Prince), which is due out in theaters next week! Assuming I haven't delivered yet, I am very excited to see this movie.

Mum and I went looking at cars... I like the Mazda 6 but I am hesitant to get a "new to me" car because we are upon such uncertain financial times and all - but my car is all broken and would cost more to fix than it is worth. Kyle and I will continue looking to see what our best solution will be!

Mum and I also looked in an Amish store in our city for the Amish-made Glider that she wanted to buy for Kyle, Ace and me. The cost difference was minor so we are going to purchase it locally and not have to worry about picking it up in Amish Country. Once situated in the nursery with our beautiful crib and dresser, the nursery should be perfect! I'm excited!!!!

I am so excited to see Kyle tonight! I've missed him tons and he brought back some berries, zucchini and other things from the farm... yumm!

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