Monday, July 06, 2009

10 Days 'til D-Day - Appointment and Borscht

We saw the doctor today for our 38 (and a half) week check-up. He said things look good - the baby is dropping, the head is in position, I am not yet dilating.

I was able to sleep in today, which was so nice and refreshing. Kyle and I had lunch at a European restaurant - it was very good! Check out for deals on cool places. I tried borscht for the first time; it is a beet soup that was served warm and topped with sour cream. It was different without being weird. Kyle ordered lamb, which I was reminded that I like.

I went to the library to get some books for us to read to the baby, including a Mother Goose book and some designed for newborns. Kyle hung up some picture frames in the nursery... it looks so cute!

This is so very exciting!!!!!

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