Saturday, July 04, 2009

12 Days 'til D-Day - Independance Day

Today was a relaxing day... we went over to my Daddy's house for lunch to celebrate my step-Mom and step-Grandma's birthdays, plus 4th of July. The food was yummy; they made lasagna, I took a pesto-pasta-salad and 2 dips from Harry & David. We then stopped by a friend's house for a minute and enjoyed seeing her 3-month old princess. People love to guess when the baby is going to come!!

We decided not to go watch the fireworks because Ace seems to dislike loud noises. When we went to a theater for a movie, he kicked very much the entire time, and he seems to react unfavorably whenever there is a loud voice or sound. So being trapped somewhere with loud noises and lots of traffic didn't seem like a good idea. I love fireworks... so next year, we'll get a sitter and get good seats for a good fireworks show. This year, we're watching a movie and Tivo-ing the TV fireworks accompanied by the Boston Pops.

Kyle is figuring out the digital picture frame I got him for his office... I am loading my iPod with tunes for delivery... tomorrow we're printing pictures and buying frames to hang in the nursery. =)

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