Saturday, July 04, 2009

13 Days 'til D-Day : Sleepy Frusteration, Nesting

Wow. Only 13 more days... the Braxton-Hicks contractions are getting more frequent and much stronger.

Kyle had today off from work - which meant we stayed up late and planned to sleep in. An early phone call woke me and I was unable to return to sleep, so I fidgeted about some, then read more about Hypnobirthing, which I'm finding quite interesting. I am finding solace in the book's mindset that women have been having babies for thousands of years... it is a beautiful and natural process that should be welcomed and enjoyed by women as much as possible, instead of feared and dreaded. That said, I need to continue reading and focus on getting ready for the big day!

Instead, it seems I am wrapped up in getting the house ready and making every little detail perfect. This is not something that comes naturally to me - so I am finding myself incapable of making decisions and frustrated that I can't seem to finish tasks, (two things that do come naturally to me). Needless to say, this is making me stressed out and causing me to randomly complete tasks at unusual times and without any serious thought for priority. I just want things done.

The baby clothes are nicely folded or hung up... I think I finally made some decisions about nursery decorations and frames and even found some pictures on This will be a major relief for my mind, as I have been tripping about decorating the nursery forever.

My lack of sleep and frusteration with getting things ready has left me a little grumpy - so I'm turning off all phones, getting my book and going to sleep.

I'm grateful for a fun day having lunch with my dear-dear friend, Allison. It's always nice to see friends!

xoxo Good night moon.

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