Monday, July 06, 2009

11 Days 'til D-Day - Final Decorations, No Sleep

What a lovely Sunday... it would have been a wonderful day to go swimming!

Instead, we returned some things & went shopping. We found:
  • White picture frames for the aquatic themed pictures for the nursery
  • Hortizontal beach poster that seems to coordinate well
  • Shelf to go above the changing table
  • Futon cover for the nursery futon
I am still having trouble sleeping, so I am exhausted but enjoyed a 3-hour nap this afternoon that helped lift my spirits. I'm still loving life and when Ace is kicking, it is FIERCE! There is a fully-grown little person in my now-huge tummy, and he likes to make sure I know it! I'm trying to stay focused on getting the house ready and straightened up... easier said than done! Kyle is working on getting the new digital camcorder ready for the big day! We are so funny - we've had it since Christmas and are just now taking the time to use it. Speaking of which, I finally took the 2-seconds it takes to figure out an electric toothbrush and wow! go buy one, its amazing. Much thanks to Kyle's parents for both of those gifts. Much love to Audra and her family - today were calling hours, tomorrow is funeral. Around 750 people showed up today for calling hours in honor of her Father; he will be missed by many.

Make sure you take time to love and appreciate those in your life!!

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