Thursday, February 05, 2009

17 Weeks - Quickening

Overall Mood: Busy week for me.... was the first weekend I felt like a stereotypical pregnant woman... aka moody. It comes & goes... candy seems to help. thankfully.

Body Changes: Now that I'm 1/3 way into the 2nd trimester, I'm desperately trying to figure out what Quickening feels like. Sometimes I think I might be feeling movement in my lower abdomen, below my belly button.... but I'm unsure. They say it's kind-of like a butterfly fluttering , perhaps or gas bubbles. Do those 2 things sound similar to anyone? When I do think I might be feeling the quickening, it confuses my body and it feels like I might want to throw up. Not as romantic and sweet as I was hoping... maybe I'm wrong. If not, I'm trying to reprogram my mind to interpret the sensations differently. In the meantime, I'm learning about heartburn, which involves neither burning or the heart. It is as unpleasant as you imagine.

Emotions: I would describe my life & attitude as happy... and strange as it seems, I find myself unusually happy when at work. I've been very observant of my level of happiness lately... and I notice I am so happy here in my little cube with my little window, hating certain things but happy. I'm scared about what would happen if I lost my job and confused about what I want because I find myself loving what I do, but have always wanted to stay at home, potentially work from home - which, at this point in time, takes away my daily happy place - so is that really what i want? Will my baby become my happy place, I wonder?

Flavors: This was a big week as far as my taste buds were concerned. I am still eating a lot of grapefruit but have cut back on other fruits.

  • Monday - I had my first major taste aversion - and it was more of a scent aversion. Kyle and I went to get wings with his colleague and friend, Dan, and my roommate, Kylee. There was a garlic-butter-like sauce for the wings and I was ok as long as it wasn't too close to me. But by the time we got back to my place, I was insisting he brush his teeth multiple times before coming near me. It was rather comical.
  • Tuesday - nothing sounded good and I didn't want to touch a morsel of food. By the time dinner has rolled around, I was willing to accept Mac & Cheese, which was yummy. We also had chicken, but I wouldn't touch it.
  • Wednesday - Had a random craving for Hamburger Helper on my way to Kyle's place. It was as mediocre as one expects of such a meal.
  • Thursday - trying to eat lots of fiber.... grapefruit for breakfast, yogurt with Total cereal, almonds, leftover Hamburger Helper, Nilla Wafers. Boring.
  • Friday - Kyle & I took the day off today for city frolicking and an early Valentine's Day.
    • We started with an uneventful 16-week appointment - no luck on scoring an early ultrasound to determine gender. The good part of that is it means all is well inside my tummy. I'm elated to have only put on one pound this past month! Apparently, fruit is a good diet staple.

    • Lunch at at the wonderful Nighttown because I know I like their salmon and I have been (unsuccessfully) trying to eat the recommended one-serving of salmon per week. Although I'm usually all about fish, I have been completely avoiding all goods of the sea.

    • Next, 90-minute massages at Massage Envy, (thank you Nancy and Tom for the gift certificate - I expanded it and made a day of it!)

    • We then stopped by his office for my first visit into his work - it was nice to see familiar faces and get faces for many names I hear frequently.

    • Home to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was funny. It was a nice day off!

Appreciation: I love my friends & family. Thank you for everyone's love & support! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

Baby Steps: 3 weeks the half way point!! Which means we get the detailed ultrasound to check on Ace and find out if Ace Pancake is a boy or a girl!!!! We will also begin birthing classes around that time!

Ace Update: (almost verbatim from Ace 's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker. Ace weighs 5 ounces now and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom. Ace can move joints and sweat glands are developing.


  1. Anonymous11:09 AM

    ew...a sweaty baby in your tummy! I know that, eventually, the smell aversion is probably going to be really hard on me. I already have days where I can smell everything and can't stand any of it.

  2. haha!!

    As for intensified smelling - some days are fine, others are rough.

    As for sweaty baby - my logic deduces that Ace's sweat must smell like grapefruit, given the large amount I consume, and I like grapefruit - so it works out! ;) Also, all fluids end up mixing with the amniotic fluid, including Ace's urine... so maybe sweat isn't the worst part?

  3. Erin Hanna10:08 PM

    You'll feel the baby moving more around 20-22 weeks. That's how is was for me, at least. Soon enough, you'll be wishing Ace calms down with all that movement, especially while you try and sleep:)

  4. good point!! I'm already having tough times sleeping unless I'm in MY bed with Kyle.

    people are talking about how intense the movement is when you can SEE the movement across the room! eeeek!! any crazy stories about that?