Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Oh what a day!

7am- C wakes up for the morning with a leaking wet diaper & wakes the house up with his tears. While changing it, I hear K get out of bed & go to the bathroom... then find him curled up with a pillow on the floor in the hallway alcove, asking for a blanket. Dad gets out/bed to take care of K, because I am still fixing C's issue. But I am able to manage taking both downstairs for the morning.

8am- C falls back asleep, K and I do arts & crafts, enjoy waffles and hanging out together. He is getting SO sassy and it's frusterating.

12:41- other than waking up to nurse, C is still asleep.. while big brother K is still awake. I have been SO productive! Folded laundry, washed & changed the sheets on our bed & K's bed, made breakfast, put dinner in the slow-cooker, organized some paperwork, cleaned our room.

Later... what a day it has been! Goodnight moon.

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