Tuesday, October 02, 2012

doctor's appt

First doc appt, October 2- In what seems to be a trend... Our little man is already competing w/his big brother!

His umbilical cord fell off on Sunday, which is so early! And oh how he is eating & growing! He weighed in at 7 lbs, 9 oz, meaning he is not only back to his birth weight, (like K was at his first appt), but has gained 6 oz.

We're having lots of fun & enjoying watching him learn. He learned to smile and does so sometimes... Mostly in his sleep. He enjoys sitting in his little chairs... One swings & plays music, another bounces & lights up.

C has been sleeping well, although he prefers to co-sleep, (aka staying in our bed), which we are planning to fix/change soon. His first bath was actually fun... K had fun helping & C enjoyed being in the water.

K is getting over his first cold of the year and experienced his first two "sick days" from preschool. He loves being a big brother and calls his brother "baby boy". He gets upset when C cries, but doesn't like sharing "his" blankets, even though there are so many & most of them were never used. He is also very afraid that we will leave him. We're hoping that things will continue to return to normal soon, especially once he's back in school.

Life is good.

Second Doc appt-

8lbs, 1oz... Our little guy is getting even bigger!

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