Sunday, October 28, 2012

C's First Trip to the Farm

We took the boys down to visit my in-laws on their farm and enjoyed a nice, quiet 5-day break from city life. Well, nice but not so quiet! The cousins came over everyday to play and we had unseasonably warm weather for 3 of the days. K enjoyed playing outside, riding the bikes, visiting the cows but mostly he liked collecting acorns with cousin K3, who is 5, and putting them in pails to be stored on a wagon. K was also scolded many times for pulling the dogs' & cats' tails. [There are 2 black lab type farm dogs that live outside and do farm dog things like guard from raccoons, bring home carcasses and follow along the 4-wheelers. There are 3 barn cats that catch mice & other critters in the barns.]

C enjoyed the excitement and new voices! He slept very well in his new baby chair/bassinet... I don't know how I lived without this!

The most excitement was Friday night when a neighbors 4 horses escaped & were in the street in front of the house and even came into the yard, near the house! Eventually, the were corralled into one of Grandpa's pastures and picked up the next day. Sadly, one of the horses was struck by a large truck on a nearby road and had to be shot and moved home with Grandpa's tractor and backhoe. ;( However, the experience was neat for a city girl like me! K didn't understand what was happening because it was so dark and the road is far from the house.

K went on his first tractor ride with Uncle K! They took around bale of hay from Grandpa's barn to Uncle K's farm, about 1 mile away. K rode in the cab and watched as the hay was placed in a hay ring out in the pasture for the cattle to eat. K enjoyed it very much!

We had tons of fun playing with the other cousins and eating together, celebrating Grandpa's birthday. We came home feeling refreshed and hoping to keep K sleeping all night in his own bed, (like he did on farm), and keep C sleeping longer spurts and staying in his baby bed. No kids in our bed would help everyone!! Although, my baby is all wrapped up in a white afghan and it's so stinking cute!!

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