Thursday, October 25, 2012

4-Week Update on Both Boys

K, my love-
Still likes Dora but not as much as Doc McStuffins or Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.
Still loves Mac & cheese, but doesn't call it macamoni anymore, although he's been asking for "Homemade macaroni & cheese w/wheels". Not sure where he got this idea but have been making it.
Lunchtime- I pack him an entire ham & American cheese sandwich, cut in quarters. Per his request, I have switched from a diagonal cut to horizontal/vertical cuts. I also pack either a whole, sliced apple w/peanut butter dipping cup plus carrots, or a banana or whatever fruit I have handy. I often pack carrots and or pea pods w/a Laughing Cow cheese wedge or cup or ranch-sour cream dip. Always a juice box and whatever else looks good, (like granola bar), and a treat such as tiny candy bar or mini-cupcake. Often, he will eat his entire lunch!

C, my sweet:
He's getting so big! 10 lbs, 22 inches.
Sleep- he now sleeps for 2-4 hour stretches, so nurses much less often. (phew!)
He recently found his feet & enjoys kicking them.
His eyes are still blue & he still looks like his big brother!
He hates a wet diaper but loves a bath! K enjoys helping with a bath.
He usually has his favorite awake time at 8pm, when brother is going to bed. He'll stay awake until 10ish, hanging out & playing. He is so alert and really enjoys this playtime.

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