Monday, April 23, 2012

18 Weeks

So I felt the baby move a few times this week! It's a tough feeling to describe, it's been said to feel like popcorn or butterflies inside- which works for imaging what it should feel like- but that's not really how it feels. I guess it's more like gas bubbles or a small being shifting inside, possibly causing slight pain but sometimes just moving around. 2 weeks until we find out the gender!! Deep down, I still think it's a girl because I've always said I would have a boy & a girl, but we are super excited for a boy or a girl! I am still carrying the same as with Kaden and still feeling great, which leads me to think its a boy- but mother's intuition and knowing something forever has been hard to sway.

Kaden just got his 2nd professional haircut! He was very well-behaved and even enjoyed sitting in the police car while she used a buzzing razor and scissors.

We bought Kaden a swing set and are excited to get it up! Kyle has been busy cleaning the leaves & sticks & sapling trees from the backyard... pictures soon when the swing set is up! The next door neighbors got a different swing set & it should be fun to have the kids playing on both!

I have been busy working in being a better housewife and keeping a more clean home and remaining more patient with the little one! I have been using my Crockpot a lot and working on doing one load of laundry per day in order to keep up with it.

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  1. Yeah!,, i kinda was wondering after seeing the facebook photo of you holding your belly! Congratulations! So happy for you.