Wednesday, April 18, 2012

17 Weeks

If you ask Kaden if he wants a brother or sister, he will say "sister". If you ask if he would rather have a sister or a dog, he will say "dog".

Tomorrow morning he starts swim classes at the gym. He is super excited about it!

Preschool is going great... he still calls Mrs. Fanta = Mrs. Santa. He loves the aide, "Miss Grigolee". His favorite school friend is Henry, but he talks a lot about Ethan, who he sometimes says he doesn't like but sometimes says he does. The teachers have said both sets of boys are like oil & water- they fight over toys and keep getting separated, but keep going back to each other. All of the boys are guilty sometimes, so I don't feel too bad!

K still loves playing Curious George games online... right now, he is watching a Mickey Mouse cartoon from '99 on Youtube.

He says "I want this" and points to things.

He can spell his name, count backward from 10, count to 30, recognizes all the upper & lower case letters, can spell Mom, Dad, on, off, ohio...

He LOVES Dora and Curious George. His fav movies are still "Up" and "Meet the Robinsons".

He got a Power Wheel Jeep from my dad- he really seems to enjoy playing with it! He also loves to start the washing machine, dryer and OMG the microwave- how he loves the microwave.

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