Friday, September 11, 2009

Please Go to Sleep

So Kaden usually goes to sleep around 11pm, but has been on this kick of screaming and crying for 2 or 3 hours before bed, probably 2 or 3 nights a week. Sometimes it seems like he is overly tired, sometimes the opposite. Monday, he didn't nap all day and was too tired at bed time- so it was tough to put him down. He slept a lot yesterday, so wasn't sleepy at night and kept me up until 2:30am. To comfort him and lull him to sleep, I have found a variety of things that seem to work:
  • bouncing vigorously on the edge of a bed, possibly rocking him- while saying Shhhhhh
  • holding him on my shoulder, patting his back- again, with the Shhhhhhh
  • laying him in his vibrating bassinet with a pacifier, which I have to convince him he wants by holding it in his mouth for about 10 seconds, then put in back in when it falls out
  • worse case scenario- putting him in his car seat and driving around will put him to sleep, but this is a last ditch effort because we don't want it to become a necessity for sleep
Our glimmer of hope- a few weeks ago, Kyle's co-worker, Laura, (who has a toddler and infant a week older than Kaden), told us that this would happen around this age BUT it would pass in a few weeks. Thankfully, I'm still getting enough sleep.

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