Sunday, July 19, 2009

D-day plus 3 - Sundays, Blue & Frank Paul

I love Sundays! We stayed up late last night because I was getting frequent contractions, but they were not consistent and did not increase in severity. The contractions stopped while we were straightening up, way before we even seriously considered it was actual labor. We both slept in until 10:30am, which was nice.

Then, off to the dealership!! It took a few hours to do all of the paperwork, but I am the official leaser of a new Honda CR-V!!!

I'm sure you're wondering what color. Since conceiving, I have been in what I call my "blue-phase". I don't mean blue with any sad connotations... just blue as in the color. My heightened attraction to this masculine color was one of the strongest reasons I was sure I was carrying a baby boy. Needless to say, I got the blue CR-V to match the car seat and all of my blue things, (including tons of blue clothes for Ace).

My Mum came over to see the new car and brought us tons of frozen meals for when I am too tired to cook!! While she was here, we used my wonderful food processor to shred the rest of the zucchini from the farm for freezing to make zucchini bread. I sure do love that gadget... making pesto and salsa and shredding veggies - so fun.

Kyle's playing with the video camera and I'm straightening up! We head to the doctor tomorrow, bright & early!!!

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  1. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I have to get you my grandma's recipe for zucchini bread. Remind me. _kels