Saturday, July 18, 2009

D-day plus 2 - Honda CRV

A rainy morning turned into a beautiful, sunny day that was perfect for car shopping.

Last night, Kyle and I talked a lot about cars, crunched numbers, looked online and went today to look at leasing a Honda Accord or CR-V. I drove both and decided the CR-V was better suited to our needs. We called the numbers in to another guy at another Honda dealership, who said we were getting a great deal and he couldn't match it or beat it. Therefore, will be returning tomorrow to sign the paperwork. It's super cute, matches my car seat and we got a great deal on it!! I am so excited!

On our way home, we stopped at Home Depot and finally found a bathroom cabinet for my bathroom and an oval mirror for our living room. Kyle has been Mr. DIY and hung everything up and even moved some pictures around to better suit our rearranged room. The house is getting even more ready for the baby... no wonder he's waiting!

He's moving around a lot and I'm experiencing more contractions, but no update. Although, I have been inspired by Grandma that he is coming on Wednesday because it will be a full moon, which some will tell you causes babies to arrive!

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