Sunday, July 12, 2009

4 Days 'til D-Day - Office, Bassinet &

Today was lovely, lazy Sunday. Contractions were minimal, energy was high.

In continued frustration with my PC, I unplugged everything in order to label the wires and got a 4-Port extension for my USB. This has been on my list of things to get for awhile because by wiring my main computer peripherals, (like the wireless mouse, speakers and hard drive), through one USB port, I am able to ensure the actual USB port in not malfunctioning, but instead the device. While straightening the desk, I also reorganized our bills and am working on a better budgeting and filing system. I'm looking into using QuickBooks for our personal finances... has anyone used this?

We also stopped at a garage sale and found a really cute (and small) bassinet for $15. We have an adorable pack & play, but it is significantly larger than this bassinet and takes up a lot of room in the bedroom, so perhaps this can work in here, while the pack & play works in the living room, for daytime naps? We also picked up Scrabble, but after playing online with word builders and point-counters, I'm not sure we can really brave an "old-fashioned" game of Scrabble.

In car related news... this month, President Obama introduced a "Car Allowance Rebate System", called CARS, that will help stimulate the economy and generate new car sales by offering a trade-in of $4,500 on old cars that receive less than 18 mpg, have been owned by and registered to the same person for the preceding year and a few other factors. We think this is me!!!!! Meaning instead of the $1,200 trade-in we were hoping to get for my beloved 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue, we might be able to get $4,500 for a brand new car, (the rebate is only valid for purchase or lease of new car). I will keep you posted as this has become higher priority.

Wish us luck!!

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