Monday, July 13, 2009

3 Days 'til D-Day - Appointment & Cars

We saw the doctor today for our 39-and-a-half week appointment. Fundal height was about 36.5 cm.- which isn't of much importance, as it can change based on how Ace is curled up, but it was encouraging because he is in my tummy, all grown and ready - but taking his time to get bigger and plumper. I was almost 1 cm. dilated - but again, not of much importance because labor and dilation can begin anytime and happen all on their accord. But better that it was slowly beginning, right? Next Monday's appointment will be past our due date, so the doctor will be running a few tests to make sure Ace is ok, just late. If not, we'll induce Tuesday - but I don't think that will happen and we really don't want to induce. If he looks good but I still haven't delivered, we'll reassess the following Monday and induce the 28th. But again, I don't think we will do that... he's been so much like his Daddy and Kyle's never late for anything... and I'm always fashionably late.... so we'll see.

I made an appointment to meet a pediatrician tomorrow... we have 2 that we are deciding between, both based on our doctor's recommendation. There are some standard questions, including their scheduling times, views on breast feeding and alternative schedules of vaccinations, etc. However, I really just want to make sure that I will like the doctor that will be coming to the hospital when we deliver and tending to our little ones needs. I never knew how important the selection of ones doctors was until I realized how much we like our OB-Gyn and how important that is to me. I have been fortunate to always have great doctors, (yay Mum!), and hope to continue this trend.

Finally, in car-related news.... we are unsure if we officially qualify for the CARS program because my car receives a combined MPG of 19, which is one MPG over the 18 MPG they are requiring. However, we are hearing from some dealers that it will qualify, others that it won't. So we're keeping our options open and finalizing 2-plans for July 24th, when the program will be finalized.
  • Plan A - buying a newer, used Mazda 6
  • Plan B - buying a brand-new Mazda or maybe Toyota, or perhaps something else?
Anyhow - it's really 6:30am on Tuesday - I can't sleep, so I'm reading the last Harry Potter book, (Deathly Hallows), and think it's about time for breakfast. xoxo

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