Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm quite behind on my post but wanted to update today to share two really cute stories. 

Today what we waited in line preschool for drop off, another mom approached my car and asked if her beautiful daughter could wait in our car because they had somewhere important to be. I of course said yes and she joked and she has done before about how much her daughter likes Kaydet. She says key for patent and things like that. Once she was in the car, the two kids proceeded to do incredibly cute things. Isabel told me about the turkeys at her grandparents house, saying that they were named soup, gobble and Kayden. She also said that she has to baby stuff animals and one is named Kayden. Kayden was showing off by reading everything in the car, including a coupon book and bottle of water. He read her the bottle of water and asked if she'd like he said she said yes so he used all his little muscles and open that bottle of water And proceeded to pass it to her for a sick. I was so touched at how darling the two words together. It was like watching a little miniature meeting ritual.

Carson is enjoying a special bath in my corner bathtub. There's bubbles in toys and he is enjoying having time to just for around in the tub. When he stands up, I politely asked him to sit and now that he's been in there for a while, I'm asking him if he wants to get out once he standing. I was so touched because he shook his head no when I asked him and then I said then you better sit down, and So he sat down. It was a full exchange/conversation and it was wonderful.

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