Friday, April 19, 2013


Wednesday: We left around dinnertime & drove 6 hours to Albany.

  • Morning:  Woke up, ate, swam! Drove to Boston. 
  • Afternoon: Checked into our room at the historic Parker House, which is the oldest continually running hotel in the US and also where the Boston Cream Pie was created.
  • Evening:  We took the boys to the traveling circus, (see the tent in the pic below). We saw 50+ officers and 2+ helicopters on our 5 block walk to Faneuil Hall for tickets. We stayed for the first half, then left because it was too loud for both of them.

Friday - Lock-Down Boston:
  • 8am:  Dad called to make sure we were ok and aware of the situation in Boston.
  • 10am:  We are safely camped out in our hotel room at the Omni Parker House. Today, the city is so quiet- even taxi service is shut down. The grooms and guests are stuck at Boston airport. Our hotel room has two connected rooms, attached with a door. The baby is napping in the business/fun room with pull-out couch and TV; we're hanging out with Kaden in bedroom, watching TV and playing games.
  • Noon: The grooms are safely at their hotel. We are cozy in our room, looking at room service menu. Kaden is enjoying sharing the giant bed w/us while watching PBS and playing on the 3 iPhones. Room service lunch is en route!
  • 3:00:  City still on shut down. No tuxedos because shop is closed, no marriage license and the Pre-wedding event tonight has been canceled because the bar is closing early!! :(  We are still comfy in hotel... Baby took long nap, we all enjoyed Room Service and are just chillaxin'!
  • 7:00: Rode the elevator many. many times and walked around hotel... Ordered pizza & pasta, watching Kaden's fav movie, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. We discovered that our window opens just enough to get some fresh air and listen to the tolling bells from a nearby church. 
  • Walk to the Aquarium.
  • Ride on the Duck Tours... Kaden got to drive the boat on the Charles River! Carson slept. 
  • Baby-sitter came & had tons of fun with Kaden while we went to a wedding.l

Regular View - see the circus, dock boats and cars?
Lock-down- Only a few police officers monitoring the parking garage

King of the Castle! Room service while Boston was in lock-down.

Driving the Duck Boat on the Charles River

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