Monday, November 19, 2012

Weeks 6 & 7

I already wrote this post on my iPhone today at the library, but it was deleted so here I go again, in shorthand.

C is so sweet! Big Bro K loves to play with Baby Boy C and the little guy is just mesmerized by his older bro.

Week 6 - Noma came over to watch the boys so DH and I could go out for our first dinner since the baby arrived. We enjoyed a quiet dinner, sipping seasonal beer & sharing yummy sushi, which I had missed throughout my pregnancy.

Week 7 - PopPop, Gramsy & Uncle Ryan came in town to meet C and celebrate an early Thanksgiving. A honeybaked ham was the star of our meals, but the boys truly were the stars of the show. We had fun going into town and walking around, K loved being tickled by his maternal grandfather's "claw", C enjoyed being held and smiled a lot at Gramsy and even drank 2+ oz. of mommy-milk from a bottle!

DH & I took the boys to a cousin's 5th birthday at a bowling alley... C enjoyed being held by the women but became overwhelmed by the noise... K was mesmerized with everything, especially the balls coming back! It was his first trip to a bowling alley & I didn't really think to explain it all before we went, so he is eager to return.

Life is so good. 

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