Thursday, September 20, 2012


7:00pm, Thursday: Well, it's 3 days until the official due date and we have officially called my MIL to come hang out with K while we plan to have a baby!! I'm still scared that I'm not actually in labor, but I have been having contractions since 2pm and said the baby was coming on the 21st/tomorrow... and I love to be right.

The contractions are still about 15-20 minutes apart & not as intense as some of the Braxton-Hicks contractions I had last week, but that was the same way things went with K's delivery. I knew it was for sure then because I was already in the hospital because my water had already broken when he flipped out of breach. I am SUPER excited to meet this little guy and slightly nervous about the labor because I plan to deliver without medicine... but I'm actually scared that this could be false labor and I will look stupid. I know it's common to be unsure, but I don't want to be wrong! *chuckles*

Tomorrow is Friday, which means our schedule is open for the next 3 days- no preschool, no appointments, just life. This makes being away from the house easier, as I won't need to think about whether or not K is wearing the right shoes to school and remembers his library book, etc. Although I know that my wonderful husband and MIL are fully capable of handling anything that can happen while I am away, I still think about it. Man, how times have changed.

I looking forward to meeting this little guy and hearing his voice and wrapping him in my arms. But I am most excited to see K and his new baby brother, to see the new guy grasp his big bro's finger and to hear K whisper to the little baby he is so eager to meet. I am also excited to eat some of the hospital food I enjoyed and omg, I can have sushi again!! I haven't missed drinking alcohol and will continue to abstain from drinking while I nurse. Oh... to nurse again. I remember how determined I was the first time around to have K nurse immediately. He ended up being very sleepy and not hungry, but he did latch on quickly and nurse wonderfully for his first year.

Off I go to continue packing & get ready! xoxo


9:00am, Friday: We didn't go to hospital last night b/c contractions didn't increase in strength & frequency. Edie is here, I'm hoping to call my doc to see if I can come in to get checked out, but realize that a visit will lead to discussion about possible induction, which i still want to avoid. But I also want to meet this little guy!!!! We'll see.


2:35am, Sunday: My MIL is still in town & I am obsessed w/having this baby! I can't sleep & am once again timing my contractions... Wondering of each pain really is a contraction or if I'm just obsessed. I have moved down to the couch & am watching TV, hoping to be distracted enough that my mind can't interfere too much. Part of me wants to just get dressed & go to the hospital, but I know that this will be pointless if I am not actually in labor. Patience. Tick-tock.

8:36am- no baby, little sleep. Exhausted, disappointed.

1:00pm- MIL went home. No baby movement... getting work done, enjoying a quiet lazy Sunday.


 4:45pm, Monday: Ultrasound this afternoon shows baby is still in correct position and everything looks good. She estimates his weight at 8 lbs. We'll see! 


11:30am, Tuesday: Two days past due date, at doctor for nonstress test. Have 2 monitors on my tummy, listening to heart beat and monitoring contractions. I'm supposed to push a button when feel him move, but not much moving. Will be plugged in for ~25 minutes. Based on our experience w/K's birth, part of me expects to come to the doctor and leave with a scheduled delivery. The other part of me hopes it all just goes smoothly and my body handles things naturally.

2 minutes later: Just had a loud surge in sound of heartbeat & seemed to really quicken. Wonder if he woke up? No movement.

15 minutes later: Have had movement and surges, but everything looks good, says doctor.

Conclusion: everything is good... no more appointments, just waiting! If no baby, he'll induce next Wednesday because it can be dangerous to go past 41 weeks, (increased risk of miscarriage, etc). We're all hopeful for baby to arrive in the 8 days prior to that.


 10:30am, Wednesday: Couldn't sleep... woke up & did some work- trying to get this project wrapped up so I'm not distracted/worrying about it. Rainy day today with no plans, so it would be a great day to have the baby but my energy level is zero and I'm reconsidering my plan to take K to Taco Bell for lunch, then drive on some bumpy roads in order to get the baby moving. I've even heard jumping jacks and vacuuming are worth a try... but again, with no energy, I think we'll just enjoy a rainy day at home... I can make tacos for lunch with meat my MIL brought from the farm & tortillas she picked up for me! Wish I had bought that salsa from Whole Foods but instead, maybe I can use the tomatoes from my garden & fresh jalapenos from Kyle's co-worker! That sounds like a fun rainy day project.... off to Pinterest I go for a salsa recipe!

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