Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Vacation to Lake Chautauqua

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We spent a long weekend in a giant house on Lake Chautauqua with some our friends and their kids. It was amazing! We enjoyed the 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, huge commercial kitchen and amazing location across the street from a public park with a beach made of play sand that sat on the lake.

Thursday: We all met up in the morning & drove 2.5 hours to the amazing house.

 The kids are having fun chasing each other around the house and outside outside; climbing up and down the multilevel, brick front patio- being kids, having fun. Noah brought back many seashells from the beach, Brynlee stayed busy w/an armful of dolls or whatever large amount of things she has with her at all times, K was having fun tossing around the football w/the men, Chase slept and Laney's a baby, so she did remarkable baby things like be super cute and talk. (Seriously, she can speak and does sign language for things including: all done, hi dad!, etc.)

Water is contaminated w/green-blue algae so no swimming, at least today. men & kids are out playing in the sand, other ladies are at grocery, I'm hanging w/napping Chase & little Laney.

 Went out for lunch- yummy & easy restaurant. Wing something.

Dinner- Pizza from Little ceasars- flash back in time!

Kids stayed up until around 8:30, watched Max & Ruby DVD, K went to sleep easily. He was asleep by the time I had finished changing into my pj's in the adjoining room. Brynlee had found out what happens when you stick things in your nose.

Grown ups sat on patio, discussed who were the greatest actors of our generation. Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, will smith, maybe John Travolta... Talked about best concerts. Then, we played 5 Crowns. If you don't have this game, go buy it & get one for anyone you know that likes card games. It's like fancy but simple rummy for any number of people. Ashley won, followed closely by Caitlin.


  • Breakfast/Lunch at house
  • Ladies took kids to beach across street- play sand, slide, no swimming, still green-blue algae. Men played basketball.

  • Walked up street into historic downtown Lakewood, bought books, window shopped.
  • Fire museum with Historic model-t fire engine, tour of fire trucks & the best dressed fire fighter ever!
  • Men took kids back to park for merry-go-round rides.
  • Dinner- grilled out, side dishes from Wegman's
  • Night- after kids asleep, Taboo and Cranium. Women rocked it, grey= dolphin.

  • Breakfast/Lunch at house... got ready, went to Midway State Park. Rides and arcade for kids.
  • Dinner- grilled turkey burgers, dogs, sides from Wegman's
  • Night- Taboo and 5 Crowns. Women rocked it- right side= appendix.

Sunday- pack, family pics, home.


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