Monday, August 06, 2012

34 Weeks - Wedding, Beach Party & Picnic Party

What a busy weekend we had!

Thursday- Dad & Sandy came over to hang out & have dinner before they finished driving to their hotel for the weekend wedding. Kaden loooooves to play with his PopPop and was so happy to have them both here!

Friday- Garage Sale-ing, (found a like new Pack & Play for $10!), then off to Perry Community Center for Brian & Jamie's Wedding! Kaden was very, very well-behaved for the beautiful, outdoor ceremony and was a "dancing machine" with Carter during the reception. He' not usually so out-going, nor much of a performer. It was so fun to watch the boys dance and even breakdance!

Saturday- I wasn't feeling well in the morning, but we still went to a Beach Party at Headlands Beach to celebrate the wedding & one of my best friends/cousins 30th Birthday! After a super hot and fun time, we came home to clean up and celebrate an extended family member's birthday at an outdoor BBQ near our home. My Aunt & Uncle were in town, as well as my cousin & her partner. Kaden brought his "motorcycle" and had fun playing outside.

Sunday- a day of rest. We hung out, had pizza & helped me cope with serious, (read: painful)  movement by Grover, (which is what Kaden calls the baby) and lots of intense contractions.

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